[FTC]: Hudson Valley/Pace Competition Help

Our team, 4466, has qualified for State Competitions in Massachussets, but we can’t attend the MA state championships because the competition takes place on a Saturday. The only state competition that takes place on a Sunday (the only one that we can attend) is at Pace University in New York, where we are currently first on the waiting list. Many FTC teams attend more than one state competition, however currently our team is unable to attend any competition since all New England competitions are on Saturday except for the Hundson Valley competition. If your FTC team is attending the Hudson Valley tournament and another state competition (either in NY or in NE), we would like to kindly ask if you could email our team, or post in the thread.
Thank you,

Team 4466
Robots And Brain Bots Inc.

There was talk of making some events on Sunday for religious reasons here in NJ and I can tell you that this year’s NJ state championship is on a Sunday (February 12th) although for different reasons. I am sure that if you email Vincent Frascella, NJ FTC director, he may be able to help you come up with a way to attend the NJ State Championship, if you are willing to make the trek down to Newark, NJ. Warning though before you do get your hopes up, NJ has a very, very tight team list this year and this is the 2nd year we have required qualification to attend. He is very gracious though and I know he has allowed teams with unique situations (a team from Singapore last year comes to mind) attend. His email address is: vincent.frascella@baesystems.com

Good luck and I hope you are able to compete in a state level competition somewhere!

Thank you so much, we will contact him! We would definitely be willing to drive out to NJ, if we don’t get into Pace it will be the only competition that we can attend.
Sam R.
Team R.A.B.B.I.

Did you have any luck getting into a competition?

We are able to attend the Pace Competition. A New York team resigned their spot…although we aren’t sure if they new about us. Thanks for asking and for all of the support!

Sam R.
Team R.A.B.B.I.

That’s good to hear! Glad things worked out! Good Luck!!!

That’s great! See you at Pace!

Current List of Participating Teams at Pace:

Team # Team Name
18 Techno Chix
87 Madrid Waddington
2864 Bounty Hunters
3006 Terabots
3007 Robotic Rams
3019 HAL
3540 Roboboogie
3582 Mission Possible
3950 Suffern Syborgs 1
3951 Suffern Syborgs 2
4017 RoboPandas
4080 Robo Rexasaurus
4082 RoboSpartans
4107 Mohon Bots
4183 The IceBreakers
4243 IT
4244 Room For Improvement?
4466 Robots and Brainbots, Inc.
4481 Woodlands Warriors
4527 Saunders Droid Factory
4570 Saunders’ Sophomores
4571 Saunders’ Junior Team
4572 Saunders’ Freshman
4654 Blind Brook High School
4809 The Albany Academies
4957 CNY Robotics
4995 Patriot Junior 2
5050 Pelham Memorial High School
5319 Wolverines
5361 YUHSB
5477 Innovo
5484 EnderBots
5485 Mechaniacs
5602 Bionic Gaels
5637 Intensity Techs
5729 Brooklyn Amity School

Greetings from Team 5485! Glad to hear you’re coming to the competition! Hope to see you there!

PS Our name is PRO, not Mechaniacs =P