[FTC]: I2C Extension Cables

Hi - Anyone know where one can get extension 4-wire I2C for Modern Robotics hardware? The team is trying to use a color sensor, but the cable is too short. They need about 12 inches. Alternatively, a source for male and female connectors would be fine and the team can build an extension cable (though pre-made would be best). Thanks.

Vex has them for the Vex EDR line.

The 4 wire ones come 12" long.

Thanks Foster. Found them!

Modern Robotics now has extension cables and pigtails:



Note that the Vex extension cables may need to have a side tab cut/sanded in order to fit in the connector. I haven’t ordered any of the Modern Robotics extensions, but I’m guessing they don’t have this issue.

The modern robotics ones are about 9.5" long, driesman was looking for ones about 12" long. But they are lots cheaper than the VEX ones.