[FTC]: Indiana Qualifier Advancement?

Three questions about the Indiana Qualifier-to-State Advancement:

For Indiana there are two qualifying tournaments and one state championship. Since the state championship requires 24 teams, does that mean that each qualifier will send 12 teams to state?

And if so, will it go in the order that the game manual says (listed below) or does it depend on the tournament?

If a team does advance, will they be notified that they are eligible to apply for state or do the spaces fill up in another sense?

  1. Qualifier Host Team
  2. Inspire Award Winner
  3. Winning Alliance Captain
  4. Inspire Award 2nd place
  5. Winning Alliance, 1st team selected
  6. Inspire Award 3rd place
  7. Winning Alliance, 2nd team selected
  8. Think Award Winner
  9. Finalist Alliance Captain
  10. Connect Award Winner
  11. Finalist Alliance, 1st team selected
  12. Rockwell Collins Innovate Award Winner

My understanding for Indiana is that each qualifier will advance 12 teams (I believe that this part is at the discretion of the state’s FTC leaders, within reason.) The advancement criteria must follow the game manual’s order (That is true for all qualifying tournaments and all state championships.) I would expect them to contact you (if they don’t do so by the end of next week [2 weeks before 3/15/14] I would email Darrin Wilcoxson).