[FTC]: Instant Wiring Diagrams (Wireboy)

Does your team need a wiring diagram? They can be tedious to remake every time a new motor or servo is plugged in.

FIX IT 3491 has created a program called Wireboy to solve this problem. This software uses your config file to generate a wiring diagram such as the one in the picture below. We hope this software will be useful to teams as they go about making changes to their robot and adding new mechanisms.

The Wireboy program is available on Github for teams to use.

This is the first version of our program and does not include support for the Legacy module at this time. Here is a sample wiring diagram from Wireboy.

Super cool! Thanks! Great job!! Would love to see legacy module support and pix of attached motors, servos, and sensors in Version 2.0!

Keep up the good work FixIT!
Looking forward to see you at the competition in February.

There’s a new release of WireBoy that includes support for the Legacy Module.

Now there’s no reason not to include a wiring diagram in your Engineering Notebook!

Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend.

3491 FIX IT