[FTC]: Inventor CAD Models

I just wanted to post that I currently am converting all of the CREO FTC parts into .ipt and .iam. I haven’t tried working with them in inventor but if anyone is interested in getting the files contact me through this thread or by PM. I am reluctant at this point to make them fully public because I am not done and I will update soon when I finish.

Hi, I have done this a few years back.

I have them ready for the 2012 version of inventor, And there are a few parts that will be missing due to its age. All it takes to get them to work in any newever version of inventor is to simply save the part.

The link is above. All parts should have materials, however they are stock materials from 2012, in later version materials became more accurate with a larger vareity of choices.

Note: I’ve modfied some parts as this is my personal library. You’ll notice I made the gears with a lightening pattern for rendering effects.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Andrew