[FTC]: Jittering Servos

Tonight we noticed that when we enter teleop and the robot becomes enabled, all the servos jitter a small amount every second until we send a command to any 1 servo. As soon as we send a command, they quit for the rest of the match. Anyone have any idea why or how to fix this? It isn’t causing any significant problems, but it does concern us.

I would think that somewhere in the initialization of your program you have two conflicting commands to the servo. For instance telling the servo to be in two places at once. Do you have a copy of your code, if you could send it to me and have a brief description I would be happy to help.

I’m afraid I do not have a copy with me right now. I will check tomorrow for conflicts, but from what I could tell, it was all the servos, not just one. I find it hard to believe I have conflicts with every servo during startup, because it doesn’t happen if the robot is disabled. Ex. when we switch out of auto and go to teleop, but before we gain control of the robot, the robot does not jitter, even though the teleop program is running, but once we gain control, we begin to jitter until we send any 1 servo a command, then all of them stop jittering. They are jittering in the correct positions, and i know servos technically always jitter back and forth, but not a visible degree from a distance like this.