FTC kit, how much does it cost?

Our FRC team doesn’t have a direct FTC team within the district, so we need to buy an FTC kit to build the minibot. Does anyone know how much it costs?

  1. FIRST Choice, Group 1. Pay shipping only.
  2. Do you have to use FTC parts? See Game Section 4.3.14.

Thanks, for the fast and helpful response, but just for further reference, if we wanted multiple kits (in case we want to sponsor/help other schools) how much would additional FTC kits cost?

From the Oregon FTC website http://www.ortop.org/ftc/

New Tetrix Robot Kit $749
New Tetrix Robot Kit minus NXT $549
FTC Resource Kit $199 \

Not sure if this is current, but it may be the best you can get until the website is back up…

NXT bricks are also used by FLL, so you might check if there are any FLL programs in your area.

To build the minibot…

…American teams can find TETRIX parts here (I’m guessing painful shipping costs for Canadian teams):

…Canadian teams can find parts here: