FTC KOP Inventor Files

Hello Everyone,

Is there a CAD library for Inventor files for the FTC KOP? I downloaded the PTC KOP, but Inventor is not able to import them.


You can go to www.3DContentCentral.com


Search for FTC. Most of the Tetrix parts are in the library. You can download what you need in Inventor format.

If you have a copy of SolidWorks, the Tetrix models are located inside of Solidworks in the Design Library.



Thank you very much.

  • Sunny


I posted the FTC KOP in SolidWorks format here

It is easier to get all at once. Marie

Marie, is there a similar file in Inventor format? Or at least an easy way to find them all?


I don’t make models in Inventor. Aren’t you in Leominster?

You can search for each individually on www.3DContentCentral.com search FTC and select Inventor for file type.


I am in Leominster. I was hoping for something easier than finding all the parts and then converting them to Inventor. Autodesk does not appear to have the FTC parts modeled.

I tried the link you had sent in the previous post but it only brought me to a blank blog page.

This might have something to do with your browser.
Select page up a few times to get to the tetrix assembly