[FTC]: KOP Programming software (JAVA) needed??

This is our first year in FTC and due to school politics we had to start just last week. We currently have 42 kids on our team and plan to build 4 bots with 4 teams. Our School is VERY EXCITED!!

My questions is the programming. In the KOP we ordered through FIRST we didn’t receive any programming software and are at a loss as to what to do. We thought we had to use JAVA this year and expect to get a copy.

Is there a place I can go to order JAVA or a FIRST version of JAVA. Any other ideas, comments, or questions would be appreciated as we are a little at a loss. Where should a rookie team, in FTC go to learn JAVA for FTC.

Thanks for your time and help!!

Bluejacket Robotics

This link should help to explain a lot about FTC java programming.

Basically everything that has to do with programming is online and there isn’t anything that you are missing.

PS. Java is free and isn’t ordered from anywhere (like how I gather RobotC might be).

Yes RobotC was something teams had to pay for. Side note on that we decided to switch to RobotC last year and paid for 30 lifetime licenses expecting to get good use out of them but FIRST decided to not tell teams their plans to go to JAVA until after the majority of the season was over.
:mad: :mad:

Thanks for the messages and for always being a great resource.

Any other advice for a team learning JAVA?

The other programming environment hasn’t been mentioned: App Inventor (AI). AI is a simpler, using graphical programming tools. FTC has excellent tutorials for AI here: http://frc-events.usfirst.org/2015/ftcimages

Has anyone found a better place to learn the programming software at? Or is there any other place? I have given ftc.edu.intelitek.com my all, and it seems to be not up to date on the latest version of the Android Studios program. Can someone either help me with this or point me in the right direction? Thank you.

The latest info on all subjects related to JAVA and App Inventor programming is at the FTC Forum --> Link

Tom Eng of FIRST posts latest developments. The software, documentation and training continue to change and your best bet is to follow the FTC forum for these developments.

For App Inventor, I’ve had good success using guides here -->FTC App Inventor Download Page

JAVA stuff is here --> GitHub