[FTC]: Labview and teleoperated

We are a rookie team and have been learning Labview for the first time. We are having problems with getting the robot to respond to the game controllers. I was whoping someone might be able to offers some help.

We are using the NI getting started book. We successfully build the robot ran the mechanic.vi program and the robot resonded correctly.

We moved on to Chapter 4 (FTC controller station) and got the controller software to recognize the game contollers. When the buttons were pressed the program correctly recognized the which button was pressed.

When we went to run the program in teleoperated mode the robot did not move or indicate it was getting commands from the game controllers. We tried following the direction several times and have not been able to figure out what we are doing wrong.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Glad the mechanic was usefull to verify robot operation.

The templates use a VI called Robot Status, that displays the connection status on the NXT’s LCD screen. It shows the battery voltage and the USB or Bluetooth status.

Are you using USB or Bluetooth?

Is the TeleopBasic program running on the robot?
The Controller station will rung the TeleopBasic.vi if you have previously run the Program Chooser to indicate that it is your telop program of choice.

What is your display showing?
Are both voltages being displayed on the bottom line
Does it show OFFLINE or Enabled/Disabled.

OFFLINE means that there is no connection to the robot.
Enabled/Disabled means you have a connection.