[FTC]: LabView Gyro Programming Help

Hello. I require some assistance with LabView gyro programming. I’ve searched the internet for several days, and I couldn’t find anything about incorporating the gyro blocks with DC Motors into the code in a way so that the robot will always go straight or it will turn a precise angle. Because the gyro outputs degrees per second, it seems impossible to use that to tell the robot to stay straight or turn precisely. If anybody knows how to do this correctly, please share your wisdom with us. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


There is a “Gear up with FTC” presentation that I gave on Advanced LabVIEW a couple of months ago, and gyro correction is briefly discussed in it. There is also a picture of my gyro code that you could take a look at. Here’s the link to the presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rlbms7lG4Vk

I also have a brief video of just the gyro correction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1NIPRHGrro

If that presentation doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to PM me and I can discuss the code with you in more detail. I love LabVIEW, and so I’m always really happy to answer questions about it!

~Katie, FTC 3595, Schrödinger’s Hat

I am a member of an FRC team. But this shouldn’t be much different. What exactly are you trying to do? How far have you gotten so far? Any code?

You can also PM me if you want.