[FTC]: Lego compass sensor and pucks

My team is looking to score racks during autonomous and we are hoping the compass sensor can help us. But the question I have is how can we use it? Will there be a giant magnet on one side of the field or are all fields oriented pointing north O_o

By the way, does anyone know where we can buy pucks from? Its driving me nuts.

I don’t think there is some specific orientation. Just depends on the regional.

Pucks can be found at two places. If you want to buy in bulk, like 70 pucks, then go to http://www.logoloc.com/first/RNR/2009GameKits/Pucks.html .

If you only want like 6 or 12 for a cheaper price, visit http://store.thestreethockeyshop.com/flhopu3pa.html . These pucks are the same pucks that will be used in competition.

The compass can tell you your heading from the earth’s magnetic field, not a from a magnet on the field of play. My kids were playing with the NXT brick and were able to have the robot point north with just a click of a button. You might be able to have the robot capture it’s initial heading at the beginning of the game, and make turns relative to that heading. My only concern with using it is the interference you might be getting from other magnetic fields in the area.

Thanks ttldomination, that would help a lot.

As for the compass sensor, yea we are thinking of doing that, but so far we haven’t figured out how in labview.