[FTC]: Logitech Controller LAG solution?

Does anyone know how to eliminate lag when controlling the robot with a Logitech controller (via USB and Bluetooth)?

The following quote describes the problem nicely. It was posted on the NI Community site over a year ago and remains unanswered. I am hoping a solution has been discovered since then because the problem haunts us to this day.

We are experiencing about a 2 second delay between joystick inputs and robot action using LVLM with a bluetooth connection. We experience this delay when we use the Team’s Macbook (OS 10.6.1, 2.26 GHz, 2 GB RAM). We do not experience the delay when we use LVLM with the same robot and a Dell (Windows 7) laptop.

We note the delay even within the Remote Control Editor without the NXT and Robot powered on. I.e., the red dots that illustrate the Controller’s input take approximately 2 seconds to move after the control stick has been moved, and for 2 seconds after the control stick is released, the red dot indicates that input still exists. The delay does not occur when the keyboard is selected as the controller.

See the link for responses…

My team has abandoned the LabVIEW remote control editor for driving as it is simply unusable on the Mac. Instead, we use the ancient “FTC control station”. It is a nuisance to switch back and forth but works better than the alternative. Sorry I don’t have a better solution…