[FTC]: Looking for a working 2008 FTC program

Would anyone be willing to post their code from the 2008 FTC. I am looking for someone that had there servos working perfectly. I am having problems with them being very jumpy and when you get all the way to one end of the travel it turns all the way to the other. We need a program for something else we are building that has smooth moving servo motors, both forward and reverse. Thanks for any help. We are using last years labview, so i am looking for a 2008 program.

Do you need the porgram in LabVIEW ver. 8.5.1? Or can it be in 2009?

The APIs in LabVIEW for TETRIX have changed a lot from last year to this year. The changes include numerous bug fixes as well as over all improvements in usability and stability. Is there anything in particular keeping you from upgrading to LabVIEW 2009 and the new NXT module and FTC toolkit?


Here is my code from last year. Its a little bit messy, but is still readable and workable. The servos controlled a gate on the arm, that closed to hold in pucks and opened when a button was pressed. I don’t know if this is the exact application of servos that you wanted, but it still uses servos. Good luck with your servos.


LV_TeleOp 1-6.zip (53.4 KB)

LV_TeleOp 1-6.zip (53.4 KB)

Thanks guys, we have not gone up to the 2009, because we are not competeing in this years FTC and havent purchased the pack. We are using the NXT for controlling on a robot for a different competition. So we are trying to use what we had already.