[FTC]: Looking for FTC Event Data

We are new to FTC this year. Is there a good source for FTC event data (calendar, location, registered teams, match scores, results & awards, etc.) similar to what the FIRST website shows under “Events”, or what can be found on The Blue Alliance, etc?

Last year they implemented a Team History Report driven by Event Coordinator Data. I have not seen a report for this year. Go to FIRST’s FTC page and search for “Team History Report”, (in quotes), and it should be the top link. They talk about the report, and the page was last updated on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 14:25, but no report yet.


A Team History Report dated 11/28/2012 has been posted to the Game page. You can get a PDF or Excel (new this year) version of the report.

Last year this report tended to come out weekly.

Very Good. Thanks!

Could anyone who has been to one of the qualifying competitions give a report on how the game is being playing and developing so far? The report/spreadsheet at the FIRST website shows a very wide range of high scores, but doesn’t say how the scores are being made. It appears that a few teams are racking up huge scores, but others struggle to score at all. Here are some things I am curious about:

  • Are any teams able to score in autonomous?
  • Are any teams following the IR beacon?
  • Is anyone using the corner peg multiplier?
  • What types of lifts work best?
  • What types of grippers work best?
  • Are any offense strategies developing?
  • Are any defense strategies developing?
  • Are there any successful lifters or just ramps?
  • How high are robots getting lifted?
  • How much of the scoring is rings vs. lifting?
  • What percentage of robots can consistently hang a ring?
  • Are penalties playing a big role?
  • Do you like this game?
  • Would you like to see any refinement to the rules?
  • Any standout teams (rings/lifting)?
  • Any good stories or video?

Please post your opinions and experiences!

We have to be missing something here - we do not see any scores on the FIRST website. Please copy and paste in a link so we can find it. We tried searching for “Team History Report”, there is a page, but no data or links at http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc/results Thanks!

Found it. Always right under your nose!


After my previous post, I “discovered” the FIRST FTC forum http://ftcforum.usfirst.org/forum.php. It has a lot of the content I was looking for, but there’s no reason we can’t have a similar discussion here on CD.

The penalties that have been critical in every tournament we have attended is the ring touch penalty. 50 points per ring if you even bump it. One out of six matches. The only other major ones have been descoring rings and interfering with a lift. I have seen a few penalties for possesion of three rings and entanglement. Samantha has been the biggest penalty of all and has affected the outcome of many more games than called penalties. I have been to five tournaments this year.

It wouldn’t break my heart if they revised that penalty and made it 10 or 20 points for brief, inadvertent contact. This rule has been the source of many scoreless matches.