[FTC]: Lubricants

Has anyone used lubricants on your robots in the past? and do you have any tips about them? Also R5a8 says we can use permatex super lube, but is there anything else we’re allowed to use, liek graphite.

I think we’re limited to the materials they allow, but, in this case, that’s fine because the permatex super lube works well.

It’s not the matter of permatex being a good lubricant or not it’s that I want to be able to just go out and get it instead of having it shipped here.

Also sorry for the horrible grammar in the first post I was running around all meeting and just typed that up as quick as I could.

No one wants graphite powder all over their field. Just don’t.

But it’s so sparkly and pretty.:rolleyes:

Back to reality. I can see this being interpreted many ways. <R5>a seems to be a list of restrictions that apply to the use of Tetrix components, a category under which this specific lubricant falls. It doesn’t seem to be implying that other lubricants are forbidden, but <R2>h could be interpreted as saying exactly that.

<R5> Robot construction is constrained to the following:
a. Any part from the TETRIX system with the following constraints:

  1. The Permatex Super Lube provided by the TETRIX system may be used only to reduce friction with the Robot. Lubricants shall not be allowed to contaminate the playing field or other Robots.

I would interpret that to say only Super Lube may be used and only to reduce friction on the robot. Emphasis mine.