[FTC]: Mac Graphics Card For PTC Creo Usage

Hi, I am the coach of a rookie FTC team. We were looking to use a Mac that dual boots Windows 7 for the upcoming season so we can run RobotC and PTC Creo (since we heard that these can’t run on Mac OSX directly). Will the Intel HD 3000 graphics card work adequately to run PTC Creo, or will we need the HD 4000 graphics? Also, is 2 GB of RAM sufficient, or will 4-8 GB be necessary? Thanks for any input.

Being a Mac user who does (and by does I mean is starting to) do CAD, I’d suggest getting as much RAM as possible. And even though Apple doesn’t endorse it…(http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Technology-Notebook-KTA-MB1066K2-8G/dp/B001PS9UKW) works pretty well. Cheap. Easy install. I use it myself. Just be sure to get the right MHz for your compy.

NOTE The RAM in the link provided is for a standard Macbook, late 2010 model. It is the RAM I use, and that is the computer I use. Look into different types of RAM to fit your computer. PM me with your compy specs if you’d like and I can help find some good RAM for you.

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Unfortunately I neglected to add that we were looking into a Macbook Air due to it’s portability for competitons, which you cannot upgrade memory with since its soldered to the motherboard. I was mainly asking whether it would be worth it to get the intel hd graphics 4000 over the 3000, and whether it is worth the extra money to get the extra ram, (4-8 GB as opposed to 2) or if that would just go unused by the computer. Thanks again.


I’d invest in the 4-8GB RAM. I’ve had 2, and it doesn’t work well at all for the applications you plan on using. Though if given a choice between 4 and 8, 4 would probably be good enough.

I highly reccomend getting more RAM at least 4 GB of it… 2 GB will probably not work too well for Creo.

As for the GPU, you should be fine with the Intel HD 3000, as far as I can tell it supports OpenGL up to 3.2 on macs and is 3D capable. I think the RAM is a little more important than the GPU/

You can find detailed system requirements for PTC Creo here.
Keep in mind it says 512 MB minimum of RAM. I highly suggest you have more.