[FTC]: Magnet balls.

Hi everyone, I have a question about the magnetic balls and the off field goal. How many balls can a robot get in the off field goal? To me it looks like only one or two will fit, but I haven’t been to a competition yet so I don’t know for sure. Anyone know?

You can “technically” fit 5 balls in the magnetic goal. But! That’s virtually impossible unless your arm is very steady and accurate. 2 can easily fit and maybe 3. It’s hard to judge unless I saw a picture of your robot.

I would suggest only putting 2 max in. We hope to see you soon at Delaware!

-MASH 4077

Alright, just wanted to know for sure because that’s the only thing we don’t have on the practice field. Thanks and see you at DE.

So I’m bringing this us just because recently we discovered that we have a foolproof detection system based on our ball pickup design inspired from HOTSHOT and the Team Techno Warriors Advanced pickup system that year in TN.
But my only problem is fitting 5 balls into the goal.
I wish it was bigger because we keep finding all 12.
almost every time.