[FTC]: Magnet or Doubler Batons?

Greetings All,

Just curious, now that the official events have started, have any doublers or magnets been scored? If so, any video?

At the Clarkson (NNYRC) event, I saw a magnet scored once… In a practice round. Outside of that, I haven’t seen any. Can only speak for Clarkson, though.

two days ago at the MD competition there where a few times the doubler got scored team #7 got and scored in one of the matches we where in and the score was 71 to 51 because we wanted to get some ranking points, i would look for it on youtube a ton of people recorded it so it should be up there

So the way we are designing the robot right now scoring a magnet would be like childs play…if it all goes acording to plan…which I can’t say it wont yet. It’s gonna be a game changer though if we have teams who can do it well. but still there are too many defence robots winning championships. I waiting for the super high scores to come in.

I’m curious what people might consider a super high score to be.

Honestly im not impressed with the “high scores of 70 points” I consider around 95 - 120 to be a high score ( easy to do if you have two good teams ) and I consider 140+ to be a “super high score” that is just what I think, I think it wont happen until worlds because you need ranking points and scoring over 100 is hard to do and get good ranking points but I have high expectations for FTC teams do do what the game is designed for and to do it well. But of what I have heard, no one has broke 100 points in a real match (yet) I would love to see a 200 point match but I don’t know if that will happen or not this year.

Yeah A 200+ score seems a bit adventurous, but it isn’t that hard to economist if you go about it the right way.


I’ve put thought into this, along with thinking strategically about what the rules will allow.

I figure that 150+ (by a single robot) is completely doable and will be seen this year (hopefully all in autonomous mode :yikes: )

If you add in a possible alliance partner I’d say 200.

Hi, sorry for the bump, but I just wanted to point this out.

Today in the NorCalFTC Competition in Newark, CA, the magnet baton has been scored into the middle cylinder of a rolling goal three times by teams 524 Tsvetkov e Droozia and 2848 Techno Guards! (The first two times it was scored were two consecutive matches) 524 was 1st pick of winning alliance captain 3053, and 2848 won the Inspire Award. By tomorrow or in 2 days you can check out norcalftc.org to see the video content.

Or as Chris (one of the Techno Guards) said

“yeah dude… THAT just happened!”

It was pretty awesome to be there when it did!

That’s great news! Congrats! What was the score?

well… 25 points… that’s what the batons gain you…

Oh, you probably mean what was the match score! Sorry, don’t remember! The first (524) and second (2848) time it happened, the alliance that did it won the match, the third time (524), they lost… But then the alliance with 524 went on to win the finals…

The high score on the day was 95.

Next weekend is San Diego though!

We got the doubler at our last competition! (I’m not registered as having a team number, but I am on a team)
And it’s our first year!

So, did you actually posses it and score it in an upright goal? If so, that’s very cool! (or did you just dispense it from the rack… That’s not as difficult and we saw teams doing that in October…)

No-one did it in Rhode Island, although we were doing it 100% on the field in our shop. We had servos dieing like they got hit by the plague on game day so we actually scrapped offense. The thing about this game is its very, very hard to do offense. Its a very defensive game, all the way from how the field is designed to how many batons you can carry. On gameday we just let our ally do the offense while we made it extremely difficult for the other alliance to get to their dispensers.

We’ve seen that teams that can score the preloads and get to the other side in autonomous and balance with a goal in end game reliably, would get to the finals with no problem. Most of the matches up here in the NE have not seen a lot of batons dispensed. Sometimes the scores would be completely even except for one or two batons accidentally scored in the low goal. We’re hoping to change that at the NJ competition. There are a lot of good robots this year that haven’t lived up to their full potential. We’d love to see more scoring.

Could not have put it better myself!
I almost wonder if it is better to dispense batons more slowly and reliably, instead of quickly grabbing 5 and running off with them (hint hint)

SHHHHHHHH. Stop telling everyone our strategy. ;D

The problem we’ve seen is that it takes to long to dispense and score to make it worthwhile, so most teams spend their time getting ready for balancing. Reliability is good when you’re scoring, but with dispensing, it doesn’t matter too much if you only need 5 batons and there’s 15 in the rack. Or were you talking about something different? Oh well, you can keep your ideas to yourself, and hopefully we’ll see your robot in St. Louis. :slight_smile: …If we make it.

On Saturday at the NJ state championships, our sister rookie team 4311, Watt the Hex?, scored the magnet baton. They were undefeated in the qualifiers, and got the finalist alliance captain award.