[FTC]: Matrix v. Tetrix

We’re most of the way through the season and I’ve finally seen the Matrix kit in use. I’ve seen parts used on the frame and such but not the electronics and I must say I’m impressed thus far.

With the Samantha having it’s own dedicated battery, that goes a great ways to preventing Radio drops. The Matrix controller seems to be better built and sealed than the Tetrix controllers. The only weakness I’ve heard of or seen is the metal can be a bit soft.

I’m curious about other team’s experiences with Matrix Kit. The good, the bad and the brilliant.

I love building with the Matrix kit! One of the easiest things I have done, I built a robot that could pick up blocks and score them in a single night.

I haven’t had as much success with the Matrix Electronics on the other hand, they are super simple to setup but I haven’t been able to get my LabView code to download. I haven’t had too much time to invest in figuring out why but I plan to after Champs is over.

Most of the teams in my area go with Tetrix, there is only one team that has used the Matrix kit and they are considering switching to the Tetrix system next year.