[FTC]: Missouri FTC

Any one have any news on the Missouri FTC tournament? PIctures? etc?

Well, the winning alliance was teams 291(alliance captain), team 288, and team 2888. Team 2888 also won the Inspire award, so they and team 291 are both going to Atlanta. 2 other teams should be going as well, but they have yet to be decided. The competition was December 6th.

Nice nice. Any pictures?

It was a intense 14 hours there yesterday. We were happy that team 291 and 2888 picked us as an alliance. It was a blasted. Congrats to both teams for making it to Atlanta! :slight_smile:

Personally I thought Team 2888 were amazing on the field and in person since this was their Rookie year.

Intense was definitely the word! I think kudos go out to Richard, Sean, Susie and all the others who worked so hard to find an answer to the field problems we were all having. They took a very difficult situation and worked it the best way possible.

All of the Hazelwood Central teams had a blast and we hope to see everyone back next year!


Team 2408 would like to congratulate Teams 291, 288, and 2888 for your Missouri victory! We would also like to thank the Robohawks for sharing your space and making a practice field available to other teams in the area - we learned a lot from the practice. Have fun in Atlanta!

Team 288 would like to thank Team 291 and Team 2888 for choosing us to be on thier alliance. The teams worked very well together. Team 288 thinks that we would stand a good chance at the Championships if this alliance stays together. Great job everyone, and especially thank you to all the event staff that stayed until it was all over.

Rookie Team 2888 would like to thank Charlie and Team 288 for their advice and access to the practice field (and the servo!). We really appreciate the help and support you gave us. Many thanks!

We would also like to thank Team 291 for selecting us as their Alliance partner and Team 288 for being part of a great Alliance. The final rounds were very exciting! It would be fun to see how far this Alliance could go in Atlanta!

This was our first season in FTC and we had an incredible time. Many thanks to the volunteers for their time and support and thanks to everyone who contributed to making the St Louis Tournament a fun and memorable event!

14 hours???

Pfft, VexLover, you sound surprised.

When it comes to the wire, some of us spend 12 hrs a day working on the robot. But agreed, 14 hours at competition is crazy. Sounds like fun, but crazy.