[FTC]: Modifying Logitech controllers at events?

We have been working with swerve drive, and the idea to use hardware to lock the sticks together came up. Would it be possible to print and attach something at meets or would that be illegal modding?

This would be an amazing question for the FTC Q/A. All we can give is advice and speculation.

I don’t know if they’d let you do it, but feel free to ask on the Q&A.

I question the usefulness of locking the sticks together, though. If you tie them together so they are always in the same position, then it’s no different than using a single axis. If you’re trying to make sure both sticks move up and down together but move sideways independently, all you have to do is ignore one of the two Y axes in your code. What are you trying to accomplish by locking sticks together?

Nemo, our code may be something like where both axis must be equal for a swerve to take place. By locking sticks together, it will auto swerve.

I would advise you to find a different solution if possible.
Why do you even need to do this? How does this help you?

I would go out on a limb and quote R09 g
g. Motors, sensors, controllers, and any other electrical components may not be altered from their original state in ANY way unless specifically allowed by the Robot rules.

While the hand held controllers are not included in the inspection checklist, they are listed in the robot software rules section. With that in mind, I would expect the do not alter rule would apply.
Q&A takes precedent if you can find the question.

Thanks very much. My team will be glad to know.

FTC is getting into Swerve drives?!?!? If you don’t mind sharing your swerve drive, please post it. I’m totally interested in it! When I think of swerve drives, I think of this one that my former FRC team created, which is minimally small, but HUGE on a FTC robot with such a tiny size.