[FTC]: More than 3 motors in use?

When looking at the hi-technic box there seems to be only two slots for motors. i know there is probably a way to connect more than two but my team cant seem to figure out how to do it. could someone tell us a way to do it before my entire team dies from retardedness.:ahh:

:D. It’s alright, we were all the same way, once.

Well, it depends what you are doing with the other motors.

If the other motors are part of the 4 wheel drive, then you can fit two motor wires into one slot and the 2 motors of each side run together.

But if your other motors are on an arm to need to function with separate commands, then you simply need to daisy chain another motor controller to the system you have set up right now. (Similar to how you daisy chained the servo controller, do the same with a 2nd motor controller).

If you are using RobotC, be sure to make the proper changes in the Motors and Servo screen when you set up the Motors and servos for the system.