[FTC]: Motor and Servo configurations aren't working

Hello Experts,
I have been successful at getting the TeleOpBasic program running with a joystick and my robot - so I know I"m connecting to the NXT brick correctly. However, my robot isn’t that basic has servos and I want to have two controllers. I created the attached VI which I think is average…and only moves the motors but somehow I’m not defining the motor configuration correctly… I do see it in the Motor Config Palette (renamed it to WABAT motor config)…but I get NO response connecting it to the NXT and enabling teleop mode. Any ideas?

Sorry I couldn’t post the VI - its 600kb.

We originally had a similiar problem and it seems that if you’re going to use servos you need to have the servo controller be the first controller in the chain and have your chain connected to S1.

When we had the same configuration attatched to S4 it didn’t work.

We have the exact same problem. While trying to fix it we accidentally deleted every file on the NXT, and now we have that same problem with every program we try to run. We have tried all different ports and chaining order, including only a single motor controller and still nothing works. We can’t even start the programs directly from the NXT, even a program that has about 5 lines of code, just making the motors go. Well, as I was typing this we re downloaded the firmware onto the NXT and got a motor controller --> servo controller chain working. So try re-downloading firmware.

Actually we got one motor working so we go in circles…no idea how we finally got it working .We tried reloading the firmware into the NXT brick. No improvement. Now we are trying to change the motor controller array…stuff.

Double check your wiring, a lot of times the motor connections can come loose as well.

Some tips…

Try and get all your motors defined as easly as possible, because changing the configurations after you’ve got a lot of programming done may be tricky.

When we change a motor setup (due to wiring changes) using the Motor Configurator, we then go into our teleop & Auto program and manually delete any references to those specific motors and re-add them. This may be unnecessary, but it gives us much more predictable results.

If you are just flailing and need a stable test, go back to the “Getting Started” manual that came in your kit. Wire up your left and right drives EXACTLY the way shown in the manual, and then download “TheMechanic.vi” into your robot. (It’s in the labview Examples folder, and it’s described in the manual)

This program tests the drive motors independantly and puts the bot through a predictable motion. It’s the BEST way to verify that you are on the right path.

Note: it you need to post your VI, just delete the pretty picture on the Front Panel. This will reduce the size greatly.