FTC Motors Jerking during turn

We’re having a problem with our FTC motors. We are using the Neverest Orbital 20 motor for the drive system. When it goes forward or reverse it is going just fine. When we have the robot turn, it has a stutter to it. The timing appears to be a “stop” around every 0.4 seconds. We are not receiving any error messages. We’ve swapped out the motors with the Torquenado motors and they receive the same problem. We’ve also swapped the controller and they problem is replicated with the second controller. We’ve scrubbed the code and can’t see anything in there.

Any thoughts as to where the problem might be?
thank you, Scott
Head Coach, FTC 16253

Perhaps you could post a picture of the robot, so we can see how the drivetrain is laid out…ie. the length, width, and wheel placement. Sometimes this has something to do with the load on the motors, and resulting motor operation.

I’ll get that up in a minute. The motors do this even when they’re fully disconnected from the robot. I think we’ve isolated it down to the Expansion Hub or something electrical.


Does the jerking occur if you put something under the chassis so the wheels do not touch the ground?

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Yes. I don’t think the video is working but it’d show the motor jerking even when I’m holding it completely separated from the robot.

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