[FTC]: Moving Beacon

watching some FTC Matches videos I noticed this

I hope they moved beacon back

That’s a new one. Didn’t see any of that happen last year. Hopefully it’s not a reoccurring theme?

Whoever was in charge of setting up the field, did not do a good job. The whole field is out of spec.

  1. White Lines are 2in, suppose to be 1in
  2. Corner Vortex as not flat on the ground
  3. Manufacturing plastic covering still on the clear deflection shields under the center vortex goals.
  4. The deflection shields are really crooked
    5) Beacons aren’t bolted down (Hence the moving)
  5. Beacon Images below are just slapped on and crooked.

TEAMS: If you see this at your event. You can request them to fix it. The field is not in spec.

This x100. I know how much work goes into setting up the field, but that field is far out of spec for all of those reasons.

Additionally, the red/blue tape in the center is supposed to be 100% on the center vortex base plate.