[FTC]: Multiple Programs or One Program with Multiple Auto Modes

Hi Guys!!

I know that with the NXT we can load multiple programs at one time, unlike with vex last year. If we have multiple autonomous modes, can we load them in separate programs (with the user control code in each program) and run a specific program for a specific autonomous mode? Or do we have to put them all in one program similar to with vex and then just have some kind of sensor arrangement to differentiate between modes?

Thanks in advance.

You can load as many programs as you want and then just select and run the program that you want to run when the referees tell you to turn on your robot.

Exactly - assuming you have the memory for it. ROBOTC is good for loading a bunch of programs. LabView/NXT-G not so much.

One other thing - FTC prefers that you have at least two programs loaded on your NXT. One for autonomous mode, the other for teleop mode. You specify the name of your teleop mode using the Program Chooser for LabView/NXT-G or through the Game controller window in ROBOTC.

Good luck teams!

How’s the Power Surge robot coming along?

Thanks for the help guys. It seems this year we’ve had a little more trouble than usual getting the framework/background code working. But a couple of nights ago I think we got it working, so hopefully it’ll be all ready for our first regional. As far as robot, it’s doing well and we’re all looking forward to a fun day at the Delaware Regional.