[FTC]: Need DC motor controller

Our team has (and plans to use) 4 Tetrix DC motors. We’ll use 2 for drivetrain and 2 for arms. We need 2 DC motor controllers. Unfortunately, we only have one motor controller and can’t find another one. The manufacture and Lego both say they are out of stock and won’t have any before the end of the year. We need this controller ASAP.

Does anyone out there have an extra controller they would be willing to part with? Is there a secondary market for parts like this?

If we had to fabricate our own controller out of parts from Radio Shack, would that even be legal under the rules of the FTC competition? If not, how would we go about getting dispensation from FIRST?


Did you try http://parts.ftcrobots.com ? They are not showing as backordered.

I placed an order for a motor controller at parts.ftcrobots.com. When it didn’t ship with the rest of my order, I called to ask. They told me that the part is backordered until at least the end of this year.

Hi Don,
No this is not true, and I apologize for the confusion. DC motor controllers are shipping out for all FTC teams and I would be more than happy to look into your order. Please feel free to email me and I will look into your order and make sure that it ships ASAP.

Tony Allen
[email protected]