[FTC]: Need help programing HS-785HB (1260) Servo in RobotC

Hi everyone, we purchased a couple of the 1260° Quarter scale servos to take advantage of the increased torque with our rack and pinion. We are having a problem controlling the servo. We assumed it would be just like a regular servo what you set the angular value and it will travel to that position. We can’t seem to find a way to stop the servo from rotating at any position. We looked around and cannot find any documentation on the servo. Has anyone ever program this? Are we missing some key element? Our code is a simple test program at this point. (we have tried this is a continuous rotation and a standard servo). We simply asked the servo to go to position X wait five seconds and go back to zero. The servo does a different thing every time. I am assuming the problem is not the servo is we have to of them doing the same thing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

I was looking at the servo product page:

(the standard KOP one is this one)

and I noticed that it says it only rotates clockwise. I’m not sure if that means that it needs to be manually reset, or if that means that if you try to set it back to 0 it will keep going until it’s encoder reads back 0. one thing you may try to do is (if you have one) use an arduino and just test the basic functionality of the servo on that. the arduino IDE comes with example servo programs that should work and give you more of an idea if your programming is wrong or it is just a very abnormal servo.

Just don’t use zero (or perhaps < 5 to be safe). When they hit zero on the internal encoder the speed is reduced and it just keeps rotating forever. Once you’ve hit zero position it resets the encoder end point and starts counting up from there once you rotate the other way.