[FTC]: New 802.11 Control System?


This article makes the switch seem inevitable (hopefully as soon as possible!), but it would be nice to get some specifics from FIRST.

Im going to love this. We tested it at the Competition on the 14th and it works Great !!

Looks promising but i don’t think it’s gonna happen for this year.

Tis a sad fact but if they do have it its a really nice system does everything automatically with a central computer instead of having to bring your computers to the field

Didn’t last years system do that they used a central computer at our State competition but when we go tot nationals they made us use our own and our computer FAiled twice

The system that was used in the Florida State Competition was the one that was used in Nationals. They did it that way due to how fast it worked I think. We ended 5 minutes in Florida States last year. The competition that the 801.11 was tested at was started 45 minutes late and ended an hour early. So i think its all up in the air right now. Well just have to wait and see

Yeah we will.

Our team has the FIRST Challenge Team FCS guide but we can not get the FCS installed. We can not get it loaded on the NXT- any suggestions?

We are running firmware 1.28.

The FCS doesn’t get loaded onto the brick. The FCS runs on a laptop you bring to the field with you. The LabVIEW and RobotC templates are designed to integrate with the Bluetooth commands sent by the FCS running on that computer.


Okay- I get that and the FCS is running on the computer.
We are using LAB View. We can run all our motors and servos using the teleopps program without the FCS program. This is the program where you see the 2 logitech controllers. But when we try to use (port) the program to the computer with the FCS- we hit the wall.

Secondly, when we were running the FCS program- how do you switch between autonomus program mode and the teleop program mode- today we had to manually hit the button on the nxt to switch.

http://decibel.ni.com/content/message/2825#2825 I think the information I need is found here? I hope