[FTC]: New competition kit announced.

I guess it’s still a tease, but the description for the new 2009 FTC competition kit lists at least two new elements:

o NEW omni wheel

  • New game sensor

I hope that’s Omni Wheel(s) not Wheel ! :slight_smile:

Also, new game sensor… My hope is an IR directional sensor :wink:


If you could please post a link to where exactly you see this information.

The Omni wheels are a great asset. I wish I had them this past year. And we didn’t use many sensors this year…so…eh.

We got it in an e-mail blast… here’s the relevant part:

  1. Kit of Parts Options

Option 1: FTC Competition Kit - $999

The FTC Competition Kit features over 1,000 parts and includes
everything needed for teams to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge.
Included are:

  • TETRIXT Base Set, which includes:
    o Brackets and mounts
    o Structural channel and plates
    o Structural tubing and hubs
    o Wheels and gears
    o NEW omni wheel
  • New game sensor
  • LabVIEW, MINDSTORMS NXT, and Robot C software for FTC with team
  • LEGO Bluetooth dongle
  • Hard Point Connectors for attaching TETRIX to LEGO Technic
  • Two Logitech joystick controllers
  • Servos, DC motors, and associated HiTechnic controllers
  • Battery pack, connectors, and charger
  • Hardware and hex keys
  • User guide and FTC game manual
  • Storage bin

I am very curious as well to see what the new game sensor is. My guess would also be some kind of IR or vision sensor. It seems like they have used them a lot the last few years in FRC.