[FTC]: New Hampshire FTC teams?

Hi everyone! The whats-going-on page at usfirst.org has one NH team listed and no events.

Can anyone fill me in on who plays in FTC in New Hampshire? Anyone know of events being planned?

Thanks so much!

Trying to Help, FRC Team 1729

For all intents and purposes, FTC does not exist in NH. I believe the Manchester Technical HS has a single team, and there are not enough teams to justify an event. I believe there are events in CT and MA though.

On the other hand, there are at least 5-6 VRC events in NH in Manchester, Pembroke, Derry, North Conway, out on the seacoast, and the state championship in Concord.

Thanks for the follow-up! I guess the FTC team that was at a local high school must have folded. (Conant)

Trying to Help

Any sense of why there are no FTC teams in NH? Is VRC entirely filling that market?

There are 63 FTC teams in PA, which I thought to be a small number (but now I guess I was wrong).

I’m not sure why there are no FTC teams but I do know that Team 40 dropped FRC a couple years ago in favor of Vex and I believe that Team 134 has also. If you were a FRC mentor or teacher in a school system looking for an alternative to FRC, both of those teams have well known, widely respected leaders who could give you information about VRC. David Kelly, a Pembroke Academy teacher, received the Christa McAuliffe Sabatical in the spring of 2011 to promote STEM education and was going to use Vex as the vehicle.

There are a couple other locally well known FRC teams that also have Vex teams such as Memorial High School in Manchester (238), Air Strike in Rhode Island (78) and Pinkerton Academy’s Astros (241).

There’s a lot of experience in that list.

Trying to Help

Thanks. This is useful.

VRC is also the primary mid-scale (between FLL & FRC) competitive robotics platform in my area as well. It is a well-designed, well-managed and compelling platform. It’s far easier and cheaper to implement and maintain than FRC.

VRC tournaments are also very exciting to watch.

There are also Two ftc teams in Dover nh. 6544 and 7804.

Hi, I’m the AmeriCorps VISTA working with FIRST in NH this year. According to RIMS we have 9 registered FTC teams in NH. From what I understand, there are no FTC events in NH this year, but teams still have the option of competing in MA and VT.

Of these 9 teams I’m working with two rookie teams; one in Wolfeboro and one near Rochester that is being sponsored by Girl Scouts. Both of these teams could use some help to get up and running. Being rookie teams they have a ton of questions, and this board has been great with finding the answers for them.

If I can help out in anyway with your FIRST team, feel free to contact me. My role this year is to support and expand FIRST programming throughout NH.

We have a rookie team near Manchester this year. We may try to host an event for next year’s challenge. We expect to go to MA for this year to participate in any events.

We are just over the border in South Berwick, Me. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to host an event, but would certainly sign up for an event in NH. Last year we traveled to MA, and expect to do so this year, but it seems that there are fewer events this year.

We are more than happy to assist rookie teams in the seacoast area. We don’t have tons of experience with FTC yet but are happy to share what we know.