[FTC]: New parts for this season

Hey guys!

I haven’t seen this posted anywhere yet but Pitsco just released some new parts!

On the list are:

Bevel Gears
Delrin Bearings
Battery Clips
And last but not least a wrench set

I think it will be a good year for sure!

Anyone else excited for these?

  • Andrew

Why are Tetrix parts so big and clumsy? The FRC kitbot rails are smaller than Tetrix structural metal! Plus the gears are so ridiculously huge that either you don’t use them or you convert a significant portion of your robot into a gearbox. On a brighter note, Bevel gears and delrin bearings!!! (wait, those are just bearing retainers, Oh well those are good too.)

I think one smaller gear than the 40 tooth would be nice. As well I’ve had to many points where I just need one gear that is the size of like one hole or instead of 1.5 or whatever the 40 tooth actually is again (been a while since I designed in FTC :p)

They do support the bearing along a bigger chunk of its length, I guess. If you manage to overload a shaft being supported by two bushings, you probably need more than a quarter inch of delrin though.

The small pitch for the bevel gears will give many teams hell if they don’t proerly brace the structural pieces where the bevel gears live. Unfortunate choise, but I think it was more out of necessity (TETRIX metal’s hole spacing is pretty wide) than anything.