[FTC]: North Super Regional

Who all is going to the FTC North Super Regional in Iowa City this week? We are, and we are glad to meet a bunch of teams from all over the region! We are team 5035 on the Abron division if you want to say hi!

I wish I was going to Iowa this week. Unfortunately we were 1 win away from going. So close.

Have Fun and I hope to see your team at the world championship. (I am going for a vacation)

We will be there in the Abron division with you WIRED. Our pit is supposed to be next to 2888’s near the stairs into the stands.

Can’t wait to the all the teams in a few days.

Yep, we will definitely see you there, can’t wait!

That’s a neat place to be! :smiley:

Good luck to all the teams at the super regionals from FTC Team 2844. Our team cant wait to see who joins us at the World Championships!

Anyone here at the 2015 one happening today?

Yup. Ftc team 8688 the Jr Vi-Bots are at the event as rookies after being the finalist alliance at our state championship. It’s been a blast and gave us lots of design ideas for next years game.

I volunteered as a judge, and let me tell you, the level of competition was so incredibly high for every award. It was inspiring to see all the incredible things teams were doing both on and off the field. I learned more about FTC this weekend that I did in four years of FRC-- if you ever get a chance to get to a super regional FTC event, I’d highly recommend it. Iowa really outdid themselves with the venue this year-- the only other event, FRC or FTC-- that I’ve been to with this level of quality was the world championships.