[FTC]: NXT bluetooth connectivity issue

I am a programmer for three teams here at Gateway High school, and I am having issues with my bluetooth connectivity. I am programming with LabVIEW 2009 and all NXTs are updated to firmware v1.28.

When I plugged in the bluetooth dongle for the first time, it connects to a NXT, downloads and allows the FTC Controller Station to connect to it fine. But it only seems to allow the first NXT to ever connect to the dongle to successfully download code. I tried going into the properties of the bluetooth Support Service and changing the properties of it to Logon As a Local System account, but with no avail.

Any ideas?

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for all the bricks. When you hit the search button (looks like a magnifying glass) it should find an list all NXT bricks in range. This being said the FTC Controller Station only allows for one connection to a brick at a time.

Have you gone through LabVEIW with NXT Link setup

Last year my team was using two bricks (in case one failed in competition). We had similar issues. First try having only the brick you wish to connect to on. So if you want to connect to brick C, A and B should be off. Even if you have already connected to a different brick this should work. If not then try going into the blue tooth settings in the control panel and deleting the NXT device you just connected to. Then turn off all of your bricks. Turn on only the one you wish to connect to and search for it with blue tooth. This was worked for our team every time. The key (I think) was deleting the device from the saved blue tooth device list.