[FTC]: off season events?

I am a part of FRC and was if there were any FTC off season competition like in FRC. We did not do as well as our state championship as we would of liked and we want to learn more for next year. We are from Indiana and any known of within a couple of states would be nice thanks.

Last year 4140 tried to put one together in Minnesota. If I remember correctly we didn’t have enough teams signed up so I was canceled. I would certainly hope they try hosting it again as now my team actually has a robot to compete with!

Mississippi may try to do one either this summer or as a prelude to the kickoff for next year. Stay tuned to our Facebook group (as soon as it is launched).


Are you thinking of playing Ring It Up! or something else in the off-season event. Count us in. We want to see your new school.

New Jersey typically has three or four off-season FTC events starting with one in June and continuing through the summer.

San Antonio may have two in May/June and then Laredo has held and event the last two years in May as far as South Central Texas aka Alamo FTC

South Carolina Might Start an FTC Off-Season in co-ordination with the SCRIW FRC off-season event.

FTC 1033/5429 will be hosting one this summer.

We haven’t finalized a date.

We are located in Richmond VA.