[FTC]: parts.ftcrobots.com down?

Anyone know about this?

Do we purchase parts through tetrix main website now?
No more discount?


The main or alternate contact needs to access the purchasing website via TIMS. At that point they can select a program and enter their email address and team number and the system should recognize each team that the contact is authorized to purchase for. At least, that is my understanding based upon ordering for FLL. FTC is an option from what I can see.

There is a different website for ordering. You need to check tims for more information.

Give https://www.ftcbyandymark.com/ a shot.

The TIMS site goes to that AndyMark FTC portal. But I haven’t found anywhere to buy the individual Tetrix parts at a discount like there was before. My guess is that the discount is gone.

Now that Tetrix is not an exclusive building system for FTC, maybe Pitsco decided the discount wasn’t worth it to them.

Edit: don’t listen to my wrong information. See better information below.

If you follow the link to the Tetrix FTC Portal and then click the “Order your TETRIX Robotics Kit of Parts” button, you’ll be directed to a LEGO education page. Select FIRST Tech Challenge and enter the team email used to register the team and the team number and you will get access to the discount order area. If you don’t have the right information, you’re not getting in.

Discounts apply to select items. Mostly to actual Tetrix components. Discounts are no longer offered on many of the “related” parts like motor controllers.

Try http://shop.education.lego.com/first/

My understanding was that Lego actually purchased PITSCO. Ordering from the lego FTC parts page give some of the discounts from years past. Link above or via TIMS will take you to the same.