FTC parts??

After searching our manual and the rest of Delphi, we can’t find the rules about FTC parts, for sure. Accoring to one thing, because it is part of a previous year’s challenge, we can, IF it’s unaltered.

But we’re not sure if FTC parts in general can be and their limitations.

Can anyone help us out?

Standard rule of thumb for FRC: If you can’t find a limitation or restriction on it in the Manual (or Q&A clarifying the Manual), then you can use it. Otherwise, see the limitation or restriction.

FTC parts are just metal. You can use them however you like. Perhaps a neat thing you could do, though, is recognize each as a CTOS item and design a large subsystem out of them, then assemble at competition and not have it count towards 30lb if you don’t have to modify the FTC parts in any way. Other than that, there’s nothing special about them.

Thanks guys! Helps us out a lot.