[FTC]: phones for FTC

Is there any way of learning which phones/devices will be allowed for future FTC matches ahead of time? Our team is considering buying new phones for our robot controller and driver stations, but don’t want to spend a fortune if a new one will be allowed soon.

you can see legal phones in game manual part 1

The legal phones for this season. Part 1 of the game manual is traditionally released a few weeks before Kickoff and traditionally contains the list of legal phones. Unless it is some grant money that expires in the summer, I’d suggest waiting to buy phones until then.

Flip side argument: while phones are obviously vetted to get on the list there is always some small degree of risk with any new item on your robot. It may be worth it to source the best this-year phone and spending the summer getting familiar with it.

To my recollection none of the phones that were legal, starting from introduction of Android system, are taken off of the list.

I am considering to buy some used Moto G 2nd Gen myself, as they are fairly cheap now.