[FTC]: Physical Team Registration Packet?

Is there a physical registration packet sent out from FIRST? All we have recieved are emails.
If there is supposed to be one, we’ll have to hunt it down at our host location, can you briefly describe it?
Is there one per team registered or do they combine multiple teams from the same location?

I assume this is were our LabView license code is? What else is in there?

Thank you,
Dan Glenn

If you are the head mentor, go to your TIMS system, and hit Order Kit. It will take you to the andymark site where you can get your registration packet shipped to you for free.

yeah, I’m not sure why we had to actually order that… Empty binder and a few papers… I think Labview is linked from the TIMS order site to download as I recall?

Do we have to purchase RobotC this year?

Do you have it? If so no.

But if you need it, you will need to buy it.

Turns out we never ordered the package. I ordered one for each of our teams (they are free.)
The LabVIEW activation code is directly on the NI download page link from the Team Resources page: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-17997
The package is just an empty binder meant for the Engineering Notebook and various papers with URL’s to get to resources already on the FIRST website.

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