[FTC]: Pitsco and shipping times

Is it just me or other have problems with shipping from Pitsco? I ordered parts on Dec 5 and called them today and order hasn’t been shipped yet. With our KOP, it took them 2 weeks and few phone calls to ship it.

They have always been terrible with shipping (at least for us). Just another reason we avoid using tetrix parts.

They have always been horrible.

We had an order 2 years ago that we put in, in October, and it didn’t ship till Jan. They ended up sending a massive goodie box of parts, since they thought that the order had gone out… So many phone calls had been sent before that, with the excuses that it was shipping soon, and other excuses, that never lined up.

and here I thought it was all because we are in Canada.

I just found this robot parts supplier company, that seem have several names/trademarks etc:
Actobotics, ServoCity, RobotZone https://www.servocity.com

It seems like they have some good stuff. Any good/bad experiences from them?

I have ordered several times from the RobotZone and once from ServoCity. With RobotZone, I was worried about speed with stuff coming from Canada to the Gulf Coast, but everything came in a few days, in an efficiently sized box, with parts well protected.

Edit: That was RobotShop, not RobotZone. My one order so far from ServoCity went well.

ServoCity has consistently shipped quickly. I usually receive my stuff in a few days (assuming it’s in stock).

Actobotics is solid, with more options than Tetrix and stronger axles and bearings compared to the Tetrix axles and bushings.

Wish we could use ServoCity DC motors too. Not sure why we can’t…

We love these guys! Echoing what’s been said, the Actobotics system is robust, well-engineered and works extremely well for FTC. Shipping to Alaska is prompt and inexpensive. We switched this year and have nothing but good things to say about the system.

We made a couple purchases from Tetrix this year, but the only shipping time I was disappointed by was the one order small enough to go US mail. UPS delivered in a perfectly timely fashion (days, certainly not months).

Robotzone and ServoCity are the same company (Servo City is their digital storefront, Actobotics is one of their brands of parts). They are located in FTC-less south-central Kansas. They graciously hosted kids from two of the teams I help out with for a visit prior to the start of the season, and are fantastic folks. They also give a 25% discount to FTC teams if you sign up. We were the first FTC teams to ever visit. They have a pretty large warehouse downstairs, and a lab upstairs where they develop all their new stuff. It’s pretty cool, and I am always seeing new things out of them. We used quite a few of their parts last year and are gradually purchasing more (we have a decent stock of Tetrix, but future purchases will be mostly Actobotics and raw materials).

We are within one-day UPS ground shipping area for Pitsco (which is, coincidentally, located in another small Kansas town, but farther east). We’ve usually received things within a day, but more recently it has been a little more sluggish. I wonder if it has to do with Lego Education divorcing themselves from Pitsco and moving operations from Kansas to Boston?

Just an update. Ordered parts from Tetrix Robotics on Dec 5 … still waiting for package to arrive. I had stuff arrived faster from China.

to be fair, it’s not all Pitsco fault, UPS had package sitting in one city for 5 days now, but I have to wonder if I hadn’t call to find out tracking number, would Pitsco still sit on their hands.

In contrast, ordered parts from Andy Mark on Dec 8, parts arrived Dec 15 (FedEx)

Continuation of my sad saga, received 1 box and yet another disappointment - box is empty. UPS is investigating.

Checked their 2 tracking numbers, 1 went through Richmond another one through Winnipeg.

I hope this story has happy ending.

So many phone calls to Pitsco and UPS.
Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Package is moving again and promised to be delivered tomorrow.
Can anyone spare some patience? I don’t think I have any left.

Didn’t know next-month shipping was even an option.

“Well, ain’t this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere!” - Ulysses Everett McGill

We waited nearly a month for a delivery from Pitsco. And when it arrived, only a portion of it was there; we had to wait another two weeks for the tracks to arrive.

Wow! we ordered a couple of little parts from pitsco and they came within a couple of days before vex, grainger, andymark, and wcp. Maybe because it was the generally stress free month of May?

Sorry to hear that Chief Hedgehog.
Our order finally arrived. While I finally was able to relax about the shipment, it still leaves unanswered question: “what in the world made someone to ship an empty box?”. Which is quite different from your situation, nevertheless very frustrating.
Pitsco doesn’t seem to be that organized :frowning:

This ordeal forced me to seriously compare Tetrix Robotics to Servo City offering. What I found is that it is hard to beat price of FTC Competition Set especially price of the set when ordering at team registration.
However when I compared pricing when bought separately, piece by piece, Servo City came $316 ahead ($1551 vs $1235). When I applied 25% ServoCity discount it came to $531 difference ($1551 vs $1020).
There were few pieces that are from Terix Robotics (battery, charger, specific servo accessories) and from AndyMark (motors and wheels)
You can find comparison here:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y-4Hd0i8DbBde1HOiUpR3MZCYkct-1_bJj-CEQNXMIY/edit?usp=sharing (second tab)

But beyond the price. Having number of headaches from Pitsco makes me uneasy with trusting our timelines to that company. I have not ordered anything from ServoCity, yet they are nice enough to send some free stuff (ZTE phone mount and Hub Mount).

It took Pitsco 2 weeks and multiple phone calls to ship initial FTC Competition Set. It took them 6 days and multiple phone calls to ship this order. Needless to say I am having trust issues

If I were you I would never order from there again. I do not know much about FTC though.

Sadly Pitsco is the main supplier and FTC Competition Set price is hard to beat, especially when getting grant from FIRST. Also sad that Servo City pieces are not compatible with Tetrix, otherwise it would make very easy transition.