[FTC]: Please select Android SDK

Our team receives the error “Please select Android SDK” when we try and run FtcRobotController.
We have followed allow of the PDF Training manual instructions from the github FTCappmaster.

We are able to successfully run the basic hello world app to our ZTE speed but not our FTCrobotcontroller because of the above error

Here are my options in the project structure:
Project SDK: 1.8 (java version "1.8.0_60) or Android API 23 Platform

App Master Modules: 1.8
FTCRobotcontroller Module: 1.8

Please help us as this has been an incredibly frustrating error and we haven’t found much for information to solve it.


nevermind. fixed it

For anybody else having the same problem, the solution is to go to File -> Project Structure, select “FtcRobotController” under “Modules”, then in “Compile Sdk Version”, select “API 19: Android 4.4 (KitKat)”. Restart Android Studio; it will take a while to index everything, but then you should not get the “Please select Android SDK” error any more.