[FTC]: Program chooser

Game rules require that we load “Program chooser” program on NXT, but do not tell where we should get it (we are using RobotC). I found this info
which says " It can be found by navigating to the File->Open Sample Program->FIRST Tech Challenge folder and selecting ‘Program Chooser.c’ "

However, in RobotC 3.62 there is no program chooser in FTC folder of sample programs.

So… anyone knows where I can find the program chooser?

You might want to post on the ROBOTC forums about this

C:\Program Files (x86)\Robomatter Inc\ROBOTC Development Environment\Sample Programs\NXT\Try Me Program Source

As far as I remember from last year, when you install/update the RobotC firmware on the NXT it automatically loads program chooser onto your NXT. It is not a separate file that you had to manually load. It was located under the “Try Me” files on the NXT. When I get to school Monday I will upgrade to 3.62 and check again.

Indeed, it is there.
Jamie, Dave - thanks!