FTC Programming Help

We have built our FTC bot, but havent been able to get a succesful program running in labview on it and our competition is this weekend. We are a new team that took a long break to build our FRC bot and we have a programmer working on that robot, but we didnt have time to work with that individual to get our FTC bot up and running and wont meet with him again until next week. We need to control four motors and 4 servos and in autonomous mode we need to get our line sensor working. Please help. I have used the new template and put together what I thought would work for some basic testing, but had no success.

LV_TeleOp_Template.vi (55.3 KB)

LV_TeleOp_Template.vi (55.3 KB)

i am in the same predictament and we have a frc comp thursday then our ftc is the next week end

Is your problem that you can’t get Labview working, or that you simply have no programmers available? If it’s the first, try downloading RobotC. It’s what we use, and have had no significant problems. Anyone with experience programming robots in any of the popular environments (Easy C, MPLab, C++) can pick up RobotC pretty fast. I started from scratch and had a Vex robot programmed in a couple of days, using multiple sensors. Just to be clear, we have three Vex and three FTC robots running RobotC – it’s not just Vex robots.

Good luck.

We dont have a true programmer available. We are a new school and only have freshman and sophmores, so no one has had a chance to learn a programming language. We can use any software package. I have been trying to use Labview.

i figured out what i need to.