[FTC]: PTC Creo error?

My license for PTC Creo has randomly expired. Has this happened for anyone else? I was running it yesterday no problem, but got a error when opening it this morning, that it had expried back on Feb 26th.

Im looking into upgrading to the Creo 3.0, but when I try downloading, im running into an irrecoverable error, thats all it says.

1: Have you seen a license randomly expire?
2: Have you ever gotten the irrecoverable error?

This happened to our team too. Try setting the date back on your computer to before your license expired (Last year or so). We did that when we needed to retrieve a quick part that was only on Creo (We use Solidworks and Creo now) and it actually worked.

We decided to upgrade to the 3.0 version instead. Re-registered. The irrecoverable error happened, as a result of one of my hard drive disks filling up.

Sorry I didn’t see this before.

Creo licenses are now pretty much exclusively on a yearly basis, similar to Solidworks, if I understand correctly. They don’t really tell you this so it can be a bit confusing when the software “randomly” quits on you. Good news is you should be able to just register for anoher copy and input that new license code to take care of your issues. Run the setup.exe like you did originally, and use it to input the code to repair your installation.

Irrecoverable errors, by my understanding, tend to have two causes: not enough space, as you mentioned, or running something that interferes with installation while trying to install. If it’s the former, try clearing out some hard drive space. If it’s the latter, quit out of ALL running programs, including your web browser. You might also try rebooting your computer and then trying to install again (frankly, computers are far better at fixing themselves than us humans are).

Best of luck.

Yep, its been all fixed now. Had to email CS, as they didn’t send the product Code to register it. Fast response time from PTC. I congratulate them on that. Haha, all working now.

The product code is typically in that PDF they link you to. To be honest I’ve never been sure if actually registering for a license was necessary after the first time if you saved all the links…

I remember having one on the Creo 2.0 download back then, but for this download, I looked all over the PDF, read it multiple times, looking for a Product Code or licenese and couldn’t find one, haha.