[FTC]: Purchasing a second Samantha

Does anyone know how we can purchase a second Samantha? We’d like to drive two robots at once.

Each team is allowed only one per season. We drive teatherd or use Bluetooth connection from RobotC. We also buy a Samantha module each year. Now we have one dedicated for a Programing bot, one for competition, and a spare.

Your lead mentor needs to sign into TIMS on the usfirst.org site and click the “order” section. That takes you to a special version of the Lego Education store where only kits and Samantha modules are available for purchase.

The price of Samantha went up to $65 this year, by the way ($73 with shipping).

Thanks. We placed our order.

I tried to do this and got a message saying adding another one to the cart would put me over the season limit. We can not get ours to accept firmware and it does not work as is, so we are stuck and need to buy another one. We are a rookie team and only have one.

Can someone tell me how you ordered the second one? I will call Lego tomorrow and see if that will work. I followed the instructions in TIMS and went to Lego through the order section, but no dice!



PS: Anyone ever seen the blue and white LEDs on fast blink and it refuses to accept a firmware update?