[FTC]: Pushbot App Warning: "Can't Map"

My students are well and truly stuck on their PushBot testing. (We are a rookie team, with all rookie members, and all rookie coaches.)

They have the phones talking to each other, and the motors all work when plugged into a power supply, but only the gripper works under the control of the PushBot manual app.

The app on the phone connected to the game controllers says:
00: Can’t map left_drive, right_drive, left_arm
01: Left Drive: 0.0, 0
02: Right Drive: 0.0, 0
03: Left Arm: 0.0
04: Hand Position: 0.33725490196078434
05: GP1: Left: -0.0
06: GP1: Right: -0.0
07: GP2: Left: -0.0
08: GP2 X: false
09: GP2 Y: false
10: GP1 LT: 0.0
11: GP1 RT: 0.0

Can anyone help me point them in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

The last line is the key. The PushBot op modes require that you have several motors defined in your configuration file which you created on the robot. Two of the motors are called “left_drive” and “right_drive” and you don’t have either. The build guide at http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Robotics_Programs/FTC/Game_Info/2015/PushBot-Build-Guide.pdf covers this starting at about page 158. The screen showing the missing drive motors is on page 168. The description of the other missing motor, “left_arm” is on page 171. You may not have gone through these steps.

It’s possible you did go through these steps, but then something went wrong. Specifically,
a) you didn’t save the configuration file, or
b) the configuration file isn’t the active one, or
c) you erased the configuration file

In any case, if you go through the steps from pages 158 through 179, you should be good to go.

Yep, it was the configuration file. I got it to work just now waiting for my FLL team (#15,602) to come in.

Now I need to delete the configuration file, replace the errantly placed Power Poles, and tell my FTC kids to read the part in the manual about creating a configuration file.

Many Thanks!