[FTC]: Question on Pitsco Tank Treads wrt RM02

Has teams used the Pitsco Tank Treads in last year’s game ?


I am wondering specifically about if it’s considered a Drive Train with regards to RM02 since it obviously violates SPOF as far as a COTS part is concerned.

I have seen them used previously (not last year)-- the 1 DoF rule is somewhat arbitrarily enforced.

Regardless, I would not recommend them. They are a pain to work with and liable to snap apart at the least opportune of times.

These treads are so unbelievably awful it’s not even funny.

I remember in Res-Q many teams were certain that climbing up the mountain was necessary, but it turned out to be a massive distraction (for most). Are you guys sure you can’t have some sort of linear slide that collects the minerals from outside the crater?

Remember, you only need to grab one or two at a time. So there really isn’t a necessity to drive through and scoop up a lot of minerals at once.

Edit: If you are deadset on climbing into the creator, I’d recommend these treads:


They are pretty good for ftc and lasted a full season in my teams res-q season. (the sprockets have the same mounting 4 hole pattern as many other FTC wheels)

Those Pitsco treads look a lot like the VEX treads, but a a rather inflated price. https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2168.html

I don’t often see VEX teams using the treads for their drivetrain, but they do work well as conveyor belts for intakes. There are even some upgrades to make that easy. https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2214.html

You might also want to look on Thingiverse and either print one of the existing designs or use it as inspiration for your own. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1325448


Our Team (13057 - GET SMART) used them for driving last season, Relic Recovery. The biggest complaint we have against them is they lack traction, and if you use the little rubber bumpers from Pitsco plan to replace them throughout the season as they disintegrate on the playing field. There are better options for scaling the crater, like the big rubber “Monster-Truck” wheels that Pitsco offers. I have seen them used as conveyors on other robots though this game doesn’t really lend itself to a conveyor since you can only control 2 minerals at a time.

I agree, there are better options for crater crossing if a team desires it (some of the quick-builds have done pretty well at avoiding that, at the expense of a more complex arm). The Pitsco monster truck wheels will likely be popular, as will AndyMark compliant wheels and (if you’re willing to slim down some hex or churro shaft to 12mm or re-broach) R/C short-course truck tires like those for the Traxxas Slash.

That said, I think it’s premature to say conveyors aren’t useful. With most competitive robots using four motors on drive, you’ve got four motors (and then servos) to do everything else (deploying, latching, the mineral auto task, get minerals, score minerals, etc). The ability to stretch one motor to handle two different parts of the mineral handling may be valuable for some designs.

We use them during ResQ and will not use them again. They can snapping and we had to put rubber band all all over to keep them together.

Agree on the Lynx one, i saw a team at worlds with them and they look/work much better.