[FTC]: Relic Scoring

I have couple questions about relic scoring. We are not registered yet so I can’t officially ask on the FTC Forums. I just want input from community:

  • Can relic be moved prior solving Cryptobox Cipher and End Game?
  • Do both Cryptobox Ciphers need to be solved in order to score relics before End Game?


<GS14> Relic Control - Robots may Control or Possess their own Alliance’s Relics at any time but may only Score their Relic (i.e. reach over the Playing Field Wall) during the End Game or when the Relic is eligible to
be Scored (whichever is earlier). If a Cryptobox Cipher is correctly solved prior to the start of End Game, Teams are permitted to Score their Relic early. One (1) Relic may be Scored early for each completed Cipher.
Referees will signal the Alliance when they are allowed to Score a Relic early. Relics that are moved Outside the Playing Field Wall (by their Alliance) before they are eligible will have zero Score value

Much appreciated.
I must have shortage of attention. I looked through that section and didn’t see it