[FTC]: Request for FTC video footage in Atlanta

For those of you heading to Atlanta, I would like to make a request for teams with a few spare hands to take and post some good video, especially of some of the more exciting matches.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to get good video. Last year, we went with a team of 4 students, one adult, and a borrowed video camera that no one knew how to use. Our media person also got charge of the spare parts, so there was extensive footage of shoes, the ceiling, and an armpit, not to mention the totally green day. It wasn’t until the semifinals on the last day that we actually took something that was even remotely watchable. I know that there are teams out there with far better videography skills than ours.

Ideally what I’m hoping to see at some time is:

  1. A short (2-3 minute) video with “best of FTC” clips, something like an FTC equivalent of this 2003 Mission Mars FLL video: http://www.wildstang.org/fll/video/

  2. A single 2:20 match, preferably a nail-biter, with clear unobstructed views, similar to the FLL videos at this link: http://www.mindstormsmayhem.org/team-videos.asp

If you already have something posted that meets the above description from a regional, I’d appreciate a link.

I do a lot of recruiting/PR for students/teachers who have never seen robotics competitions, and 2-3 minutes is the ideal video length for the 5-10 minute talks I give. This summer, I will be doing sessions on Vex for students, and Vex for teachers at the local junior college, so anything like the above would be helpful.